Nov 26

What Kind Of Blanket Material Can Make You Have a Warm Winter?

Winter is coming, the weather is getting colder and colder, our bedding is getting thicker and thicker, and choosing a comfortable blanket will make us feel warm in the cold winter. The surface of the blanket is rich in plush material, not only for warm bedding but also for comfortable bedspreads. There are a variety of blankets on the market. Which material is the warmest?

What Kind Of Blanket Material Can Make You Have a Warm Winter?


Classification of blankets

Blankets are divided into pure wool blankets and blended blankets according to the material. Generally, pure wool blankets are made of pure wool, while blended felts are made of pure wool and blended materials.


Different Materials Introduction:


1. Polyester blanket

Generally, the polyester material blanket is made of synthetic fiber and has high-quality elasticity. Therefore, it is used as a winter bedding product. The effect on the durable and anti-wrinkle is very good, but the polyester material has poor moisture absorption and is covered on the body. It is easy to sweat, it makes people feel stuffy, and it also has a lot of static electricity, which is difficult to clean.


2. Acrylic blanket

Acrylic blankets are made from synthetic fibers , but because they are very similar in texture to wool , they are much softer and more comfortable than polyester blankets . At the same time , the acrylic blanket can have a rich design and color , and it can have more visual enjoyment in addition to the warmth performance.


3. Nylon blanket

The nylon blanket is made of synthetic synthetic nylon material and has good abrasion resistance. The hygroscopically of the nylon cover is better in synthetic synthetic blankets, but the gas permeability is not very good, it is very easy to get ash and cause static electricity. In terms of warmth retention, it is similar to other synthetic blankets to meet the needs of warmth.


4. Animal fiber blanket

Generally , the material of this kind of blanket is pure natural animal fiber such as wool , mohair , cashmere , etc , which is very different from artificial materials , but because animal fiber is very rare , the price in the market is very expensive . The hair on the animal itself is to keep warm , so the blanket made of this material is very warm , and the touch with the human body is very delicate , soft and comfortable.


The above is the introduction to the most common and simple blankets of several materials, we can choose according to their actual situation.