Mar 18

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Bath Towels

To understand bath towels, I recommend starting with these three aspects: size, weight, and material to choose the bath towel that suits you.

The Ultimate Guide To Buying Bath Towels


There are two standard sizes for bathroom towels, the basic 70x140cm bath towel, an everyday size suitable for everyone and the luxurious 80x160cm bath sheet which offers a spa-like coverage wrapping around you completely. To coordinate there are hand towels 40x60cm and face cloths 33x33cm.


Generally, bath towel weight is measured in GSM or grams per square meter. A lower gram towel will be lighter and thinner making it ideal for pets, the gym or anywhere you require a fast drying towel.

A medium weight towel is a good choice for an everyday family towel or for the beach. This towel will have good absorbency and thickness but will still be reasonably easy care.

Lastly, a dense, heavyweight towel will have a luxurious, thick and soft feel with superior absorbency but it will take longer to dry and you may not be able to fit as many in the washing machine at one time.


Combed Cotton Towels

A process completed before the fiber is woven that removes the very short fibers leaving long, smooth and continuous strands. This results in a superior quality yarn that is durable and very soft. Everything you want in a bath towel.


Egyptian Cotton Towels

Egyptian cotton is stronger and more absorbent than regular cotton and so lends itself wonderfully to bath towels. Long staple fibers create a soft and fluffy feel for a little bit of luxury every day.


Turkish Cotton Towels

Grown exclusively in Turkey, Turkish cotton has longer fibers and is expertly spun into a silk-like fine yarn. The superiority of Turkish cotton bath towels with their dense loops and extra absorbency makes them the absolute ultimate in luxury for the bathroom. Often popular in high-end hotels and spas, bring that level of opulence into your own bathroom with a Turkish towel.


Bamboo & Cotton Towels

Bamboo's fast growth and its ability to thrive in different climates around the world makes it a sustainable resource. Bamboo fiber is extremely absorbent with natural antibacterial qualities and combined with cotton makes for a beautiful soft feeling bath towel that is lightweight and durable.