Mar 15

How To Swaddle A Baby With A Muslin Wrap?

Ok, so it's time to get down to some safe swaddling.

How To Swaddle A Baby With A Muslin Wrap?

First, you need to lay the muslin wrap out in a diamond shape. Once you've done this, fold the top corner down roughly a quarter. Then, place bub on the turned corner so that the corners of the muslin spread out from bub's arms.

Next, hold your little baby's right arm down at their side. Pull the muslin over that arm, across the body. If bub is much smaller than the muslin, roll them to the side to smooth the rest of the muslin across the back. The muslin needs to be tight, but the baby should still be able to bend their waist. Note: always make sure their hips are free to move.

Finally, hold down bub's left arm before pulling the bottom corner up and tucking it under their left shoulder. Move the right corner over your little treasure's body before finally pulling it firm by placing them on their side and wrapping the excess around the back.

The results? You'll know when bub quickly falls asleep.

So, what sort of swaddle products should you be looking for? Well, bamboo is the perfect fabric for swaddling as it's ultra soft and durable. Our feather-light muslin wraps are crafted in 100% bamboo viscose, a fabric that features an open weave for ultimate breathability. Although delicate, these bamboo swaddles can stand up to all the required laundering, while their superior absorbency makes them essential for all new parents.