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May Day International Labor Day

May Day International Labor Day

May 1st International Labor Day, also known as International Demonstration Day, originated in the 1886 workers' strike in Chicago, USA, and won legal rights for workers.

Festivals around

Countries around the world generally hold corresponding celebrations. However, not all countries have designated May 1 as Labor Day, and those countries that have experienced the "May Day" have very different celebration methods and habits.

Europe still celebrates "May Day" with demonstrations in the United Kingdom and Germany. The authorities fear that demonstrations may cause anarchists to make trouble.

Russia: There are many parades, rallies, and entertainments. Since the establishment of Labor Day internationally, Russia has always attached importance to this special festival.

Italy: No celebration, no holidays.

European countries such as the United Kingdom and France have designated "May Day" as Labor Day. Many countries have a day off, while others have placed public holidays on the first Monday of May, depending on the situation.

Peru: The state stipulates May 1st as the National Labor Day, and there is a day off throughout the country.

United States: The birthplace of Labor Day, but "May Day" Labor Day originated in the United States. In the 1880s, the American bourgeoisie brutally exploited the working class in order to accumulate capital. They used various methods to force workers to engage in labor that lasted 12 to 16 hours or more per day. The majority of American workers gradually realized that in order to protect their rights, they must fight.

Japan: Labor Day is "Golden Week" Japan is a country with many festivals, there are many festivals around May 1st, such as April 29 Arbor Day, May 3rd Constitution Day, 4th National Holiday, 5th On Children's Day, these holidays are connected, and the average Japanese has at least a week's rest, and the longest is even 11 days.

Thailand first promulgated labor regulations in 1932, and subsequently designated May 1 of each year as the National Labor Day, in order to reward hard-working workers.

Egypt: Known as Labor Day May 1, it is considered a paid holiday.

South Africa: In South Africa, a public holiday on May 1 every year since 1994.

The laborers have worked hard, I wish you all a happy Labor Day! Tribute to the workers in labor!