Mar 20

3 Key Pieces for Designing a Bedroom

The bedroom is the most intimate of spaces, where you start and end your days, and there are a few key pieces needed to bring this room to life – no matter how big or small the square footage.

3 Key Pieces for Designing a Bedroom


Your mattress and bedding will impact your health, productivity and general happiness. So find the pillow density that's best for your sleeping style and the fabrics that feel good on your skin.

The right pillow is a very personal choice. One or many? Big and thick or little and lean? Above all, it's like your momma said: What's on the inside is what really counts. Our pillows are made with all natural down or down alternative filling – and in soft, medium or firm fill options – covered with a 100% Sateen cotton shell for comfort and protection.


Duvet Cover and Comforter Filler

About one-third of our lives are spent in bed. The comfort of the quilt directly affects the quality of sleep. The quilt's filling is also varied. What kind of filler is the best?

Duvet Covers, it is wonderfully light and cozy and here are some reasons why they have become the most popular top of the bed covers. Duvet covers are made in many different colors and have many different patterns. The entire look of a bed can change by simply changing the Duvet Cover.

The main fillings for duvets are goose down and duck down. It has the characteristics of good warmth, and good hygroscopically, sweat permeability, relatively dry.



A rug, on the one hand, adds warmth and texture to a room, and you can achieve different looks by layering and/or adding sheepskin throws. on the one hand, they soften hard edges and can accommodate difficult layouts and open up space.