Sep 18

When to Stop Swaddling?

Swaddling your baby provides a sense of warmth and comfort that eases the transition from womb to world. It helps keep baby calm during fussy nights, reduces nighttime wake-ups and soothes baby with a feeling of snug security. Despite the benefits of swaddling, eventually the baby swaddle must come to an end.

When to Stop Swaddling?cid=3

Swaddling is a soothing ritual that your baby won't require forever. So how do parents judge whether a baby no longer needs swaddling?? Here are some signals that parents need to pay attention to. To help your baby make a better transition.

If baby starts to express extreme frustration or dislike of swaddling, you may want to transition.

If your baby starts to roll over during sleep, stop swaddling immediately for your baby's safety.

If you and baby are ready to sleep training, stop swaddling.

If you ask 'how long should i swaddle my baby'? Sorry, I can't answer. Remember that every baby requires unique care and attention depending on their one-of-a-kind personality.