Apr 20

Personal Protection Knowledge-Mask Articles


1. How to choose a mask?

Option 1: Disposable medical mask, replace it for 4 hours continuously, and replace it immediately after pollution or moisture; Option 2: Replace N95 medical mask, continuously replace it after 4 hours of pollution or moisture Cotton masks and sponge masks are not recommended.

2. Use the mask correctly

How to use medical masks:

(1) The dark color of the mask is the front, and the front should face outward, and there are metal strips for nose clips on the medical mask.

(2) The face that is facing the face should be the reverse side of the medical mask, that is, the lighter side. In addition, pay attention to the part with the metal strip above the mask, and don't wear it backwards.

(3) After clearly distinguishing the front, back, upper and lower sides of the mask, wash your hands first to determine whether the mask is correct, and hang the cords on both ends on your ears.

(4) The last step is also the metal strip problem mentioned above. After wearing the mask, you need to use both hands to press the metal strips on both sides of the nose bridge so that the upper end of the mask is close to the nose bridge, and then stretch the mask down to make the mask No wrinkles are left, it is best to cover the nose and mouth.

3. How do special people wear masks?

(1) Pregnant women should wear protective masks and choose products with better comfort according to their own conditions.

(2) The elderly and patients with heart and lung diseases and chronic diseases will cause discomfort after wearing it, and will even aggravate the original condition. Seek professional guidance from a doctor.

(3) Children are in the stage of growth and development, and their faces are small, so choose child protective masks.