Jul 24

Do You Know The Benefits Of Wool Blankets?

In case you are wondering why these types of blankets are loved by so many, some of the top reasons include being hypoallergenic, fire-resistant, and they help regulate your body temperature making it more comfortable to sleep in a variety of different temperature levels. There are a lot of wool blankets on the market, some more comfortable than others. We have found those that are soft, cozy, and not itchy for most people.

Do You Know The Benefits Of Wool Blankets?cid=3


You probably already know if you like wool blankets or not, but if you are still on the fence a few reasons that they are worth considering include:

Self Regulating – If you find you get overly hot or very cold when you are sleeping, they will help you regulate your body temperature, making it easier for your body to ‘breathe’ so you can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Hypoallergenic – They are also great if you suffer from allergies as they are hypoallergenic. They are dust mite resistant and won’t get moldy or attract bacteria.

Fire Resistant – If you like a blanket for camping, rest assured that you will be safe by the campfire since they are also fire resistant giving it an extra added element of safety.

Things to consider:

A few other things to think about when you are shopping for the right product include:

Weight – Wool comes in a variety of different weights, depending on what you are planning on using it for, you will want to check product specifications on whether it will be lightweight, mid-weight or heavyweight.

Type – Not all blankets are created equally, so when you are shopping for comfort you need to be extra careful in selecting a type of wool that will be soft and not itchy. Generally, the softest types to look for are virgin, Merino, Alpaca, and cashmere.

Dry Clean Only – A lot of people are turned off anything wool related since the standard perception is that it is dry clean only. These days that isn’t necessarily the case. Some products are still dry clean only, but since wool is naturally resistant to dust mites and mold, realistically you shouldn’t have to be cleaning them all that much anyway.  They are often described as self-cleaning, although if you have pets or tend to be a little messy, this may not apply. 

Longevity – If you invest in a good quality blanket, chances are that you will be able to pass it down to other members of your family. They last that long.