May 07

Bathroom---Towel Sizing Guide

We are stock a huge range of bathroom textiles, from your basic towel to the most beautifully soft and luxurious ranges. Our ranges include matching bath towels, bath sheets, hand towels, washers, and bath mats.

Towels come in various qualities and therefore provide different features and benefits. The following product guide aims to outline the different fibers and properties found in each of our ranges.

Bathroom---Towel Sizing Guide

Towel Sizing Guide

The size of towels varies slightly between brands. As a general guide, unless indicated otherwise, the range of sizes of our towels are as follows:

Bath Sheet  80-100 x 150-170 cm

Bath Towel  68-70 x 132-140 cm

Hand Towel  40-50 x 60-70 cm

Washer  30-34 x 30-34 cm

Towelling Bath Mat  50-60 x 80-85 cm

Tufted Bath Mat  48-55 x 78-85 cm

Tufted Contour Mat  45-55 x 45-55 cm

Please note that the sizes and weights of our towels have been supplied as a general guide for comparison purposes. These carry with them reasonable degrees of tolerance either side as they can vary between batches.